Giuliano Gabriele began studying the Diatonic Accordion at eleven years old, following in his great-grandfathers footsteps.  He later studied by listening and interning with key accordion players like: Marc Perrone, Riccardo Tesi, Ambrogio SparagnaNorbert Pignol, Kepa Junkera and Sharon Shannon.

His love for this instrument brings him to deepen his knowledge of traditional music, initially of Central-Southern Italy, then expanding his horizons towards world music, which was facilitated by his french origins.

His passion for poular music brings him to studying various techniques of the “Zampogna” (Italian bagpipes), “Tamburi a Cornice“(Frame Droums) and traditional singing: this constellation of knowledge immediately allows him to begin composing and arranging his own original songs.

He started appearing in public at 14 years old with a few popular musical groups in Isernia, Frosinone and L’Aquila. In 2007, he joined the historical molisian group Il Tratturo, which led him to collaborations with the Voria, the Musicisti del Basso Lazio, Gianni Perilli, ciaramella per musicanova gli Zimbaria, Officina Zo e Antonio Amato dal Salento, Mimmo Epifani, Enrico Capuano, Valentina Ferraiuolo, Massimo Giuntini, ulliam pipes dei Ductia e Modena City Ramblers, Redi Hasa (an Albanian violoncellista), Raffaello Simeoni (singer and multi-instrumental of the Novalia), Cisco (ex-singer of the Modena City Ramblers), Ambrogio Sparagna and Orchestra Popolare Italiana of the Auditorium Parco della musica di Roma, Peppe Voltarelli, Nada, Ginevra di Marco, Teresa de Sio, Enzo Avitabile e Francesco De Gregori (during the vola vola vola tour).  In addition, he has played with a few legends of world folk music like Hevia (Asturia) and Carlos Nuñez (Galizia).

Together with his group, he has participated in key festivals and events like: Great Concert 1th May in Rome (S.Giovanni), Ravenna Festival 2013FolkHerbst Plauen (Germany)Ande Canti e Bali (Rovigo), Notte della Taranta Carpignno Salentino, Kaulonia Tarantella Festival, Tarantella Power, Al Plan Folk Festival (S.Vigilio), Festival, Radici Sonore e Tradizionandu (Calabria), Festival per i Diritti Umani, Festival della Zampogna di Scapoli e Maranola, Matese Friend Festival and many others. He also held concerts in France, Spain, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia, Hungary, Turkey and Malaysia, bringing his original pieces into different musical contexts.

He has also recorded for the Mizar programme (Italy’s Raidue) and has been interviewed several times by Radio Rai International.

He is currently the Artistic Director of a number of important folk festivals in the lower  Lazio region, namely Boville Etnica (in the comune of Boville Ernica), Trantelliri (located in his own town, Castelliri) and Terra di Passo Folk Festival (in San Donato Val Comino) and Risonanze dal Monte (located in Monte San Giovanni C.).

For years, Giuliano has dedicated time to teaching permanent courses and guiding internships in music schools and cultural associations in central Italy.

In 2011, he made his debut in the theatre realm, in a tour which started in Ravenna and played in Sicilys most significant arenas.  He took on an actor-musician role in Pathos, the trojan tragedy, from Euripide to Seneca (co-produced by the Ravenna Festival, Accademia Nazionale di Danza and Festival Teatro Dei Due Mari di Tindari and directed by Micha van Hoecke, ballet director of Romes Teatro dellOpera). Other protagonists were Lindsay Kemp and Mariella Lo Giudice (a Sicilian actress who passed away the same year, 2011). Lastly, he recently participated in the Mariella lo Giudice memorial together with artists like Nicola Piovani, Alfio Antico and Lello Arena, presented by Pippo Baudo.

In June 2014 winner the National Award – the Iguana – Music section, under the aegis of the European Parliament, with the patronage of the President of Italy.

Winner of the national award as best Italian new folk band, assigned by Umbria Mei Folk Festival, in 2014.